Why choose Kimberly?

Finding a quality babysitter can be tough! Especially one that both you and your kids can agree upon! Let Kimberly come help! After many years of classes and even more years of experience with kids she will be sure to win over the hearts of both you and your children! Whether caring for an infant, toddler or child (or maybe even all of the above!) Kimberly will be sure to play games and work with the children in an age approprate manner! 

  • Former Growing Room teacher
  • 15 college ECE units
  • CPR certified
  • First Aid certified
  • 7+ years of experience


When caring for your child Kimberly loves to keep them active either physically or with their imagination! Play is a child's way of learning! Television or movies are rarely used so your kids stay active! Kimberly comes prepared to keep your kids having fun while you are out, so you don't have to worry. After having been a teacher, Kimberly has learned lots of fun games, crafts and cooking projects to keep your kids busy! From marble painting to oobleck Kimberly will have your kids learning and growing and they wont even know it!